CipherMe ocean of encrypted information enables secure storage and sharing of information within any network.

all independently of geographical distribution, administrative boundaries and technological awareness of users.

CipherMe is the quickest, the safest and the most efficient way to bridge the digital divide for whole populations.

Like most cloud architectures, the solution is hardware independent with choice of hardware platform left to the user.

Like no other cloud architecture, it provides ultimate information security, with secure information sharing between users, across applications and across any administrative boundaries.

The technology enables the unique reversal of information management roles between service providers and users of those services. It moves these roles from medical establishments to patients, from businesses to customers and from administrations to citizens. It enables those users to become concentrators of information that concerns them, independently from the variety of sources of this information, at any time, and at any location in the world.

Each such information item is cryptographically secured and it can be accessed only by its owner or by the explicitly entitled third party and only on the conditions set by the owner of that information.

Once an ocean of encrypted information items is created, applications and services can be easily deployed, instantly and at minimum incremental costs. The technology, and the resulting information architectures, can solve most of the scale, mobility, cross-accessibility and information security of today’s large scale information technology deployments.

disruptive technology

CipherMe is one of the most disruptive innovations in the field of information technologies. It will impact on how we see and process information in almost any area of everyday life, business or administration, just like the invention of a motor car enabled the new ways to travel.

disruptive innovation

Due to the richness of its possible deployment areas and associated opportunities, the creators of CipherMe technology are looking for business partners, who will deploy this technology as disruptive innovations in their own areas of business, just like Ford production line used the invention of a motor car to create the most popular means of transportation.